Tools 2.0 – The One, Half Zero Rule

Try this, it’s a real quick way of using ACCESS FM and as long as you follow the rules, pretty easy to teach.
The idea allows you to give any product a score out of 8, by awarding each section in ACCESS FM a ONE, a HALF or a ZERO.  But each score must be justified. For example:

Aesthetics: To give this section a ONE you must list two positive things about its appearance. For a HALF you need to list one positive and one negative. Finally to award a ZERO you need to simply list two negatives.

ONE = + +
HALF = + –
ZERO = – –

Apply to all the sections of ACCESS FM but do not score COST until the very end. The scores from the other sections dictate the score you award COST.  To give the COST a ONE, find two other sections that you scored a ONE; hence you are finding two positives. To award COST a HALF find one section you scored ONE and another ZERO or simply two sections you scored a HALF. To award COST a ZERO find two sections that both scored ZERO.

Flip It Chair:

Aesthetics: HALF – Do not like the colours – Do like the shape of the frame

Cost: Leave till the end

HALF + Really attracts your attention – May be seen as too modern.

Environment: HALF + Helps environment look more interesting – may not fit in with traditional furniture.

Size: ONE + Ergonomic + Very small when folded

Safety: ONE + Safe folding mechanism + No sharp surfaces

Function: ONE + Superb folding mechanism + Pride of ownership

Material: HALF + Aluminium frame very light and strong – Plastic looks cheap.

Now we consider COST @ £99.99 per chair, I would award HALF:  This score is made up of Material (HALF) and Environment (HALF). The most important consideration is that pupils cannot just judge a product a rip off; they have to justify their opinions.

So the final score: 5/8 for the Flip It chair.

A 1/2
C ½
E ½
S 1
S 1
F 1
M ½ – ACCESSFM Copyright © 1999, Spencer Herbert. All rights reserved.

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