How do you define an Iconic Design?

Tough one! Especially if teaching Product Design at A-Level, this is one of those omni present questions which has a tendancy to make an appearance at exam time.  I came up with this recently along with my A level students studying product design in relation to Iconic design. You know how much I love anagrams and acronyms! We […]

The Times Educational Website

When was the last time you took a good look around the Times Educational Website? There are literally thousands of free Design and Technology resources, a great forum and of course plenty of jobs for you to view. For me however, it’s all about the resources, you could build an entire department’s scheme of work […]

Analysing a blast from the past – The iPod Shuffle

This product is already a blast from the past. In 2023 my students cannot get their head around the fact that you would need an “ipod” (did not dare mention a Walkman!) when the “iphone” does the job for you. How times change and the rate of obsolescence is rather alarming. However great design will […]

The “Flip It” Chair

Aesthetics: The product looks “industrial” in that you can see how the mechanism works. The mechanism is extremely detailed and finished to a high standard forming the most noticeable part of the chair. The folding mechanism has a “bone” like appearance and looks similar to the elephant’s legs in the famous Salvador Dali paintings. The […]

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