ACCESS FM: The original version

Depending on the ability and age of your group you will no doubt start to elaborate on these descriptors, add detail and extend their thinking further. However in order to initially sell ACCESS FM you need to keep it simple, REAL simple. I believe you should spend no more than 3 minutes presenting the initial idea of ACCESS FM. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can lose a group, any group, by extending further the descriptors the first time around.

ACCESS FM: Internet versions
The internet contains several modifications to ACCESS FM, its not that the anagram itself has been changed but the meanings behind it. In my opinion they do not really work, simply because they open the whole thing up to too much interpretation. For example I have seen Environment changed to Ergonomics, but surely Ergonomics is a SIZE issue and so when can you consider the Environment of the product or the Environment as a whole? Customer has been altered to Client, but generally a client is someone or a company, who creates a brief, whereas a customer is the end user or the person who buys the product, see what I mean about opening things up for interpretation? I have even seen SAFETY dropped in favour of Sensory in the context of food, but Sensory can quite easily be considered through the AESTHETICS title and with regard to food why would you disregard Safety?

Now I am not suggesting that you cannot add to the descriptors or even deliver these changes effectively but I have found in my experience it can make things more difficult to begin with and does not always link with the other ways in which we apply ACCESS FM

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