Buy the right books for your students in 2021

  Check out my “Book reviews” in the “Resource” section of the website. I have hand picked and personally reviewed a series of publications which I believe are ideal in a real classroom. Get inspiration whether teaching textiles, graphic products, resistant materials, art and design, photography or product design. These are books that I have […]

The James Dyson Foundation include ACCESSFM 2021

The James Dyson Foundation 2021 have released a new project titled – “What is the Design Process” and as such have decided to feature the use of ACCESSFM throughout the entire structure of the topic – check out the new project here: It is important to note that this is not the first time […]

2021 WJEC Vocational Level 1&2 Engineering awards include ACCESSFM

The 2021 WJEC Vocational Level 1/2 Engineering awards now include ACCESSFM as an official part of their course content – check out the resources:          – ACCESSFM Copyright © 1999, Spencer Herbert. All rights reserved.

2021 IET Education include ACCESSFM as part of official resource offering

In 2021, The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) have included a wide range of resources which either feature or centre on the use of ACCESSFM as both a thinking tool and effective method of product analysis. Why not visit their website and use their inbuilt search function to find the latest ACCESSFM resources. […]

TES Article – The cost of Sustainability?

  I was lucky enough to attend the Design and Technology Association Awards in London not so long ago – though not lucky enough to win a prize.       At the end of the evening Dame Ellen MacArthur (her father was a D&T teacher) gave a speech about sustainability, during which she pointed […]

How do you define an Iconic Design?

Tough one! Especially if teaching Product Design at A-Level, this is one of those omni present questions which has a tendancy to make an appearance at exam time.  I came up with this recently along with my A level students studying product design in relation to Iconic design. You know how much I love anagrams and acronyms! We […]

The Times Educational Website

When was the last time you took a good look around the Times Educational Website? There is now a Teachers TV tool, literally thousands of free Design and Technology resources, a great forum and of course plenty of jobs for you to view. For me however, its all about the resources, you could build an […]

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