Tool 4 – Evaluating Products & Projects

The use of ACCESS FM when evaluating existing products and student projects.
You may choose to employ the “one, half, zero” rule or just apply a general ACCESS FM to existing design analysis. In the case of the student’s project evaluation, you can use ACCESS FM as a pro- forma or prompt. I have supplied some examples of students work to give you an idea of how I have integrated ACCESS FM in the past.

Publications and products:
If I recommend a publication or product I will try to explain why I have chosen it by giving a “Resource Review” and details of how the item could be used in your classroom. I will be providing “case studies” by implementing ACCESSFM  to fully analyse featured products. If you decide to purchase some of these  products then you will have a head start in presenting and using them in your classroom. If interested, why not send in your own reviews or even an ACCESS FM of a product you have found effective?

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