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Italian Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design

This book contains some of the most beautiful and influential cars on the planet, from the Lamborghini Muira to the Ferrari 512 Le Mans ,they are all here captured in exquisite detail. Superb book for studying form, even dare I say, over function. Buy Now

Luxury Toys for Men

This is a book that simply contains the very best example of every product that you ever wanted to own or never even knew you wanted to own. The photography is exquisite; the paper even feels expensive and is the stuff that dreams are made of. Having problems getting a group to think outside the […]

Dogtown: the Legend of the Z-Boys – the Original Stories

If you are focussing on “extreme” culture within a project, whether it be graphics or textiles then this book is genesis. Without question Craig Stecyk defined skate culture and the aesthetic, which later developed into what most identify as the extreme sports genre. Absolutely beautiful photography from start to finish, a pure inspiration. I own […]

Subway ART (1984) by Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper

If you teach boys in the UK then I reckon you have a number of budding Graffiti artists in your groups. So why not turn their passion that is often seen as a negative into a positive? Why not use Graffiti as an influence in product design, graphics, textiles or resistant materials? Subway Art is […]

Agents of Change – The story of DC shoes

I own this one and use it less for the DC shoes but more to help illustrate the aesthetic of extreme sports. It has proved an essential tool for a number of KS4 Graphics students working on an extreme sports point of sale unit. The key sports and personalities are covered, from BMX, snowboarding, FMX, […]

Robin and Lucienne Day – Pioneers of Contemporary Design

The designs showcased in this book are timeless and illustrate an almost effortlessly stylish approach, products that are beautiful and yet restrained but never fashion led. Until recently you could buy a sofa and chair combination from Habitat and I organised a visit to the local Habitat with my current sixth from product design students. […]

1000 New Designs and where to find them. By Jennifer Hudson.

I can only comment on what I have seen on the Amazon website by using the “look inside” function. The book displays some top end products, clear photographs and the designers themselves showcased. However where the book differs from most is in the fact that you are shown where to find them, as the title […]

Dondi White Style Master General

A fantastic publication that focuses in its entirety on the work of arguably one of the worlds most famous and talented graffiti writers, Dondi. The photography is superb and chronicles Dondi’s career from the train yards of the Bronx to the high end gallery exhibitions of New York city. Furthermore the book contains a number […]

Brighton Graffiti by Stuart Bagshaw and David Oates (2008)

So you have covered the “Old Skool”, now its time to get a little more up to date with the “New Skool”. Brighton Graffiti takes a look at a fresh and vibrant Graffiti scene that is “going off” down on the south coast. Nobody in the UK is doing it better, study the most technical […]

Spray can Art by Henry Chalfont and James Prigoff (1987)

A direct follow on from Subway Art, just as informative with the focus less on the New York and more on the global effect of the culture. Superb photography throughout with extremely informative text. The styles and skills of the writers have moved on considerably. The effect of this culture is now undeniable from music […]

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