Subway ART (1984) by Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper

If you teach boys in the UK then I reckon you have a number of budding Graffiti artists in your groups. So why not turn their passion that is often seen as a negative into a positive? Why not use Graffiti as an influence in product design, graphics, textiles or resistant materials? Subway Art is the bible of graffiti artist’s full stop. It was the first publication ever to document the art form and describe in detail its nuances, the discipline, method and developments. The book itself has a style and aesthetic that still defines this genre of publication I have owned this book since I was 11 years old and have since used it countless times in the classroom. Dondi, one of the most famous “writers” of all time featured in the book, has been likened to Picasso due to his ability to create such fantastic proportions and scale in his “pieces”. Art critiques have since agreed and even suggested him as an equal. I would have to disagree; Picasso worked in a studio on canvas, Dondi worked at 4.00 am in the pitch black, dodging security, freezing cold on a 65ft train for a canvas.

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