100 of the World’s Best Houses

This one does what it says on the cover and with text at a premium it’s a real visual aid and essential if studying architecture in the classroom. Useful for all key stages but I have found it particularly useful at A Level.

Don’t just take my word for it – Check out this review from Amazon customer Simon Bates

“With an introduction by Architectural Review Editor Catherine Slessor, ‘100 of the world’s best houses’ is the latest addition of sleek Architectural publications by Images Publishing. The book’s 344 pages of glossy photos, explanatory drawings, and designer’s contributions, will have Architects, interior designers, and general building heads creaming in their designer briefs, while the exclusion of technical and philosophical patter makes this book accessible to everybody with an interest in houses.
Images Publishing claim that ‘only the world’s most celebrated architects were approached for inclusion in this book’. How many had to decline due to contractual obligations to other publishing houses? Most of the houses included are great designs, many even inspiring. However, many are brash displays of wealth, appearing more kitsch than class. Bigger is not necessarily better, or to quote the great master: ‘Less is more’.
The photo quality is very good, the explanatory drawings are helpful, but the Architects contributions are relegated to the back pages, with no references to flick back and forth; this is very annoying to anyone seeking more than just glossy photos. Incidentally, for a book semi-focusing on house/people relationships, only three people appear in some 600 photos! This book set out to illustrate 100 great houses, and with the exception of a few intruders, it does just that.”

I have teamed up with amazon.co.uk as my supplier, a company which is extremely competitive and one that I have made countless orders with in the past. As such I am happy to both recommend and have Amazon.co.uk featured on this site. Take some time to have a look and happy shopping.
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