Access Fm – Version 1.0

The internet contains several modifications to ACCESS FM, its not that the anagram itself has been changed but the meanings behind it. In my opinion they do not really work because they open the whole thing up to too much interpretation. Let’s just keep things simple and feel free to share the  The Original ACCESSFM […]

Best books for your students in 2023

          Check out my “Book reviews” in the “Resource” section of the website. I have hand picked and personally reviewed a series of publications which I believe are ideal in a real classroom. Get inspiration whether teaching textiles, graphic products, resistant materials, art and design, photography or product design. These are […]

ACCESSFM & James Dyson Foundation 2023

The James Dyson Foundation 2023 have released a new project titled – “What is the Design Process”and as such have decided to feature the use of ACCESSFM throughout the entire structure of the topic – check out the new project here: ACCESSFM & James Dyson Foundation 2023 It is important to note that this is […]

2023 WJEC Engineering awards & ACCESSFM

2023 and WJEC officially include ACCESSFM as a formal and examined element for a number of their current courses, across a broad range of disciplines and key stages, including their hugely popular Vocational Level 1/2 Engineering awards – check out the resources: WJEC & ACESSFM 2023  It is pleasing to note that the exam board […]

2023 IET Education include ACCESSFM as part of official resource offering

In 2023, The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) have included a large range of resources which either feature or centre on the use of ACCESSFM as both a thinking tool and effective method of product analysis – check them here: The IET & ACESSFM 2023  I am extremely proud to be in association with The […]

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